We all know that Screencast-O-Mastic, Jing are popular recorders but they are not satisfying in the aspect of recording time. Concerning this, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder edges a lot as long as you want to record laptop video without any limitation. Moreover, its built-in video editor and feature of recording any part of the screen or web camera really shows how well rounded this online application can be.

And finally, you can launch the Xbox app to access even more settings. From here, you can download the recording to your computer by selecting Save video file. This will save a .WEBM video file of your recording to the computer which you can always upload to Microsoft Stream later. Despite all the advantages, you cannot record desktop or select a specific area to record because Game DVR can only record the screen activity of an active program.

Windows Tutorial

Click on the Windows Start button, go to the search box, and type in Xbox to find it. When prompted, click on the ‘Yes, this is a game’ button. Fortunately, there are a ton of different ways that you can accomplish recording the content on your computer’s display. With the recording stopped, simply go to the designation folder that you’ve set earlier, and now you just have to check out from the settings. Below we’ve curated a list of a couple of such handy apps that you can rely on, for recording your screen in Windows computer.

Before we start, note that not all Windows 10 machines can screen record with Game Bar. It works only if your laptop’s video card supports one of the three encoders- Intel Quick Sync H.264, Nvidia NVENC, or AMD VCE. For the users who work with macOS Mojave or earlier, QuickTime Player is a great option to record the computer screen. Follow the simple steps below to record your computer screen using QuickTime. If you need to record some of the screens above, or not working with Windows 10/11, you can rely on some watermark-free screen recorders , like FlexClip.

Part 3: How To Record A Specific Window On Windows 10

Let’s teach you how to record video with Microsoft Powerpoint. Generally, some free screen recording apps cannot capture games because of various limitations. But, the native option of Xbox can do it without having any issue.

To capture https://driversol.com/dll/d3d12_dll Windows screen movements, QuickTime cannot record high quality videos as usual. At this moment, you can turn to Tipard Screen Capture with easy to use filters. Being the smart desktop recorder, you can grab video and audio in 100% original quality. What’s more, Tipard Screen Capture Windows Recorder supports many popular input and output media formats. Therefore, it is the screen capturing software similar with QuickTime screen recording of high quality.

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