I even tried the Logitech Unifying Software on another MacBook running Catalina and the software on the other MacBook also did not recognize the Logitech G602 mouse. I even tried updating the firmware on the Logitech Unifying receiver that came with the Logitech G602 mouse but it would not recognize the receiver USB dongle. MacOS Catalina does see the mouse as a USB Receiver HID device so the mouse does work. It just goes unresponsive and disappears every few hours. I did not see this behavior with Mojave with this same mouse.

We would need an external keyboard to trigger a few keys during the boot process. While, the system is starting up, hold down the Shift key after the BIOS load and you will enter the GRUB menu. On the GRUB menu, press “e” to edit boot options.

Bad Video Card

Next, you get redirected to the Django website for the video you wish to download. You might not want to tinker around with the YouTube video URL. And some of you may not want to use any third-party tool to download the videos. Once the video gets downloaded, you can play it whenever and wherever you want.

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This can be an ad-blocker plugin or some audio video utility. Disabling all the plugins can help in getting rid of this problem and to play videos properly. You can update your video driver manually by going to themanufacturer’s websitefor your graphics card, likeNVIDIAandAMD, and searching for the most recent correct driver. Be sure to choose only driver that is compatible with your Windows version. YouTube stuttering could also be caused byan old, corrupted or missing video driveron your computer.

Try using the second monitor with a different system. It would help isolate whether the issue is with the monitor or the primary system. Go to blog.windll.com/directx-windows-10-update/ Windows key + X key and then choose Device Manager. Finally, Microsoft has started the Automatic rollout process of Windows 10 version 21H2 for everyone. And all Devices automatically upgrade to Recent windows 10 November 2021 Update via windows update.

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