When I tried the first method, I got to the mobility center page there was no keyboard back lights option there. What method do you use to change the brightness of your keyboard’s backlight? How bright are your keyboard lights and how long is the auto shutdown period on your laptop?

For example, you were reading an article on a web browser and you only want the screenshot of the web browser and not your active window’s tab. So, to do this you will trigger the Alt + PrintScr key combination. Press theWindows Logo button+PrtScn buttons on your keyboard to save the screenshot to a file. This will save the full screenshot into a folder called Screenshots that is a sub-folder of your Pictures Folder under your This PC Menu. You can change the default screenshot key by going to the Preferences section under the Steam menu.

Avg Pc Tuneup

Compatibility Mode usually fixes this by enabling games to use settings from older versions of Windows, eliminating the issue of not having them present. If you ever want to change your icons back, you can always delete the shortcut and create a new one from the original application. Or you can use the same method above to switch out icons.

When you run it, at the very start there is an option to select update this machine instead of create update media. The Media Update Tool is always specific to the new version and will install that version only. I have already downloaded the 1809 version to the Media Creation Tool and will wait a month to update from 1709 to let some of the bugs get fixed. Also, your most important personal files should always be backed-up to external storage (USB drive, DVD, cloud account, etc.). Even though multiple reset/reinstall options promise to preserve your data, unexpected problems can sometimes occur. And while you can reinstall your favorite software and redefine your application settings, personal photos and business files may be irreplaceable.

It Is Necessary To Screenshot Laptop

He has been writing tech tutorials for over a decade now. He’s written for some of the prominent tech sites including MakeUseOf, MakeTechEasier, and Online Tech Tips. For the last 4 years, she has been writing technical blogs – and she is keen on finding and bringing solutions to day-to-day tech problems. Firstly, download the Installation Assistant from the Microsoft website. A lot of Windows Insiders got Windows 11 preview earlier than its official launch through Windows Insiders Program.

For example, press four to select a triangle. Then left-click and hold the mouse button to highlight an area to capture in the screenshot. When you let go off the mouse button, the captured shot opens in the Greenshot window. Below is an example of a diamond snapshot taken with ShareX’s Region tool. PicPick is a robust screen-capture and image-editing software developed and owned by NGWIN.

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