This error may occur if the program tries to access the memory beyond its available maximum limit. We can also say that if a pointer exceeds the stack limitations . At Interview Kickstart, we have helped thousands of engineers upskill and uplevel their careers. Our technical interview prep courses, designed and taught by FAANG hiring managers and tech leads, have delivered stellar results to our alums, helping many of them land lucrative offers from FAANG+ companies. Embedded systems are being adopted at an increasing rate in various industries. Ensure you stay updated on the latest skills and developments in this field to gain a competitive edge.

The expression ++n requires a single machine instruction such as INR to carry out the increment operation. In case of n+1, apart from INR, other instructions are required to load the value of n. The semaphore value is set to 1 by the process in charge, when the resource is available.

Interrupt latency is the time required for an ISR responds to an interrupt. An ISR is an interrupt handler, a callback subroutine which is called when a interrupt is encountered. Null pointer actually means a pointer that does not point to any valid location.

When one or more high priority jobs are blocked by a job, the original priority assignment is ignored and execution of critical section will be assigned to the job with the highest priority in this elevated scenario. The job returns to the original priority level soon after executing the critical section. Also, if the structure is big, then passing the structure by value means copying the whole structure to the function argument stack which can slow the program by a significant amount. Passing structure by its value to a function is possible, but not a good programming practice. With inline, compiler replaces the function call statement with function code itself.

embedded systems interview questions

It is suggested by the standard to not use the pointer to access an object that is returned by the malloc while the size is zero. Sometimes dereferencing or assigning to an uninitialized pointer can be the cause of the segmentation fault. Trying to access memory the program does not have rights to . Trying to access a nonexistent memory address (outside process’s address space). Priority inheritance is a solution to the priority inversion problem. The process waiting for any resource which has a resource lock will have the maximum priority.

For instance, redundant arguments and clumsy application of recursion could be the leading proponents. Apart from that, it may occur due to the construction of an outsize local array and the presence of nested function calls. Segmentation fault is the reason to generate stack overflow error in C. Usages of the dereferenced pointer (i.e. a pointer which may not have a valid address/memory location to point).

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– A semaphore S is basically an integer variable that apart from initialisation is accesses only through atomic operations such as wait() and signal(). – Semaphore object basically acts as a counter to monitor the number of threads accessing a resource. – Mutex is also a tool that is used to provide deadlock free mutual exclusion.It protects access to every critical data item.if the data is locked and is in use,it either waits for the thread to finish or awakened to release the lock from its inactive state. Prototype of the function used to create a child process is pid_t fork; Fork is the system call that is used to create a child process. If the function succeeds it returns the pid of the child process created to its parent and child receives a zero value indicating its successful creation.

embedded systems interview questions

An embedded system is a special purpose computer system which is completely encapsulated by device it control. It is a programmed hardware device in which the hardware chip is programmed with specific function. If you buy some RTOS, what are the features you look for in ? -Deterministic operating system having guaranteed worst-case interrupt latency and context-switch times. -Documentation providing for the minimum, average, and maximum number of clock cycles required by each system call -Interrupt response times should be very minute. Structure padding is a concept used in the C programming language.

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It enables programmable priority levels, automatic nested interrupt support, along with support for multiple interrupt masking, whilst still being very easy to use by the programmer. Therefore, a “volatile” is used to prevent the compiler for any type of optimization on the variable. Volatile variables are used with those variables which are used to communicate with the computer hardware, signals, handlers etc. Some aspects to consider are proper compiler optimization, time and space requirements, the underlying hardware, code resilience, bit manipulation, efficient memory references, and data size optimization. The main reason for having virtual device drivers is to mimic the behavior of certain hardware devices without it actually being present and these could be attributed to the high cost of the devices or the unavailability of such devices.

embedded systems interview questions

Stack overflow error occurs if the program accesses the memory beyond its available limit. When this error occurs, the program terminates and does not execute further instructions. When asked about a specific technical term, the interviewer seeks to understand how in-depth your knowledge is and whether you have the expertise required for this position. While it is impossible to be knowledgeable about all the technical terms used in any job, you should be familiar with most of them and be able to discuss them. If you aren’t, admit this to the interviewer and then describe how you would go about learning about the technology.

The embedded engineer interview at Google comprises multiple on-site interviews, about four rounds of interviews. Below are the types of embedded software engineer interview questions that may be asked at Google. This may vary depending on your overall years of experience. During an interview for a firmware engineer job, you will be asked a wide variety of questions. Many of these will be specific to the technology you use and the operations you perform in this role.

Bit Manipulation Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

Doing this using simple, easy-to-understand language will convince the interviewer that you are a team player and will fit well into the organization. This could function as a standalone question or a follow-up to a question the interviewer asked you earlier in the interview. Each time you answer a question, you should be prepared for follow-up questions that provide the interviewer with more information or to explore the topic in more detail.

It is used to add one or more empty bytes between the memory addresses to align the data in the memory. The compiler automatically does it to ensure that all its members are byte aligned. A dangling pointer is a pointer that points to a memory location that has been already free-ed by the application and is no longer embedded system meaning in use. Sometimes, the programmers fail to initialize the pointer with a valid address; these types of initialized pointers are known as dangling pointers. Dangling pointers occur at the time of the object’s destruction when the object is deleted or de-allocated from memory without modifying the pointer’s value.

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As a firmware engineer, you should be familiar with microcontrollers and be able to discuss how to write code for them. During an interview for a firmware engineer’s job, the interviewer may present you with a use case that requires you to resolve a problem or demonstrate how to program using certain values or tasks. They may ask you about a specific type of code used to execute a specific function.

What Do You Understand By Machine Code?

This question requires you to have both technical and operational knowledge. You need to first understand how firmware is developed and the type of features you’ll be testing for. You also need to understand the operations used to test the firmware and confirm that it will function once embedded into the system. Experienced firmware engineers should be able to easily answer this question.

But doing so, the result will be having a private copy of that variable in each source file which includes the header file. So it will be wise not to declare a static variable in header file, unless you are dealing with a different scenario. Printf function in ISR is not supported because printf function is not reentrant, thread safe and uses dynamic memory allocation which takes a lot of time and can affect the speed of an ISR up to a great extent.

What Are Inline Functions In Embedded C?

When answering these types of questions, keep your answers brief and to the point, and use non-technical, easy-to-understand language. The interviewer is evaluating your communication skills and your knowledge when they ask these types of questions. Contemporary firmware engineers must be familiar with a wide range of programming languages. Originally, firmware was written in low-level languages such as C or assembly code. However, many types of firmware are now written in higher-level languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, or Perl.

Your answer should show that you are willing to put in the time and effort needed to find a solution. For example, the function openBakAccount() calls whenever a new account opens in the bank. Then, to count the total number of opened accounts, we can declare a static variable in the function and increase it on each function call. In computing, a computer program or subroutine is called reentrant if it can be interrupted in the middle of its execution and then safely be called again (“re-entered”) before its previous invocations complete execution.

This will provide you with specific information related to the work you will be doing and help you focus your preparation on the most likely questions you will be asked. Java was mainly designed and conceputalised for code that can work on different platforms without any hassles and also for being secure enough so as to not harm or corrupt other modules of code. Features like exception handling,simple syntax and Automatic Garbage collection all work in its favour as the language for use in ES’s. Also that it is widely used in the form of Java applets makes it very popular confining it to the limits of JVM.It is Dynamic in nature. Its use is also being exploited in enterprise systems in the form of J2EE ,J2SE J2ME in case of mobile applications. What is Endianness of a system and how do different systems communicate with each other?

Often during an interview, the interviewer will return to questions they’ve previously asked. The purpose of these is to test your knowledge of the subject, correlate your answers, and ensure you respond to questions consistently throughout the interview. Providing honest answers to every question is an easy way to remain consistent. Keeping your answers brief and to the point will also help you to line up your answers to similar questions. Universal Serial Bus or USB, is used to communicate between a device’s central processing unit and external devices, such as power supplies, speakers, and keyboards. By using functions the amount of code that has to be dealt with is reduced thus redundancy is eliminated for everything common in function.

Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers

We can use the “extern” keyboard to declare a variable that allows accessing the variable in another file. This is how we can use a variable in a source file defined in another source file. Static global variables and functions are also possible in C++. They are mainly used to limit the scope of a variable or function to a file. Like global variables, they are initialized as 0 if not initialized explicitly. Static variables are allocated memory in the data segment, not the stack segment.

Key difference in both of them is the presence of external peripheral, where microcontrollers have RAM, ROM, EEPROM embedded in it while we have to use external circuits in the case of microprocessors. However, if we take the address of a local variable, the compiler will not allocate the variable to register. The amount of code that has to be dealt with is reduced thus easing the overhead and redundancy is eliminated in case if there is anything common among the functions.

CareerCup is the world’s biggest and best source for software engineering interview preparation. CISC again have their own advantages and they are preferred whenever the performance and compiler simplification are the issues to be taken care of. By using a super loop, you guarantee MCU won’t just uncontrollable execute some instructions and maybe go to the fail-safe area. B)A TTL input signal is defined as”high” when between2 V to 5 V. Every Instruction of the Microcontroller has its unique number called an opcode. There is no common clock signal between sender and receivers.

Why Is Java Mostly Used In Embedded Systems?

Endianness basically refers to the ordering of the bytes within words or larger bytes of data treated as a single entity. Intel 80×86 usually follows Little Endian and others like IBM systems follow Big Endian formats. If the data is being transmitted care has to be taken so as to know as to which byte,whether the higher or the lower byte is being transmitted. Hence a common format prior to communication has to be agreed upon to avoid wrong interpretation/calculations. Usually layer modules are written so as to automate these conversion in Operating systems. The simplest way to improve the performance of the 8051 microcontrollers is to increase the clock frequency.

When this error occurs program terminates and does not execute further instructions. Therefore, we must be careful while using the pointer and limit boundaries. Physical device drivers can’t perform all the logical operations needed in a system in cases like IPC, Signals, and so on… These shifts can be avoided by using int and unsigned int for local variables. This is particularly important for calculations that first load data into local variables and then process the data inside the local variables.

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